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Mike L. (Piercer) – Very informative, will take the class again!

Kayla T. (Tattoo Artist) – I was pleasantly surprised, I wasn’t too sure how much information I would retain from the course however, I’m taking away a lot!

Chris W. (Tattoo Artist) – I found the pace and flow of subject matter very easy to follow.

Matthew D. (Tattoo Artist) – Jesse made a 6 hour course seem like 2 very easy to learn and listen hours. He kept everyone’s attention.

Emma D. (Piercer) – Keep up the good work! Thanks for the information!

Ryan I. (Tattoo Artist) – Very easy class to take part in!  Very fun and informative.

Caroline M. (Tattoo Apprentice) – Very information and fun! I would recommend it to anybody in the industry.

Yolanda (Piercer) – Thanks a million Jesse. I look forward to seeing how progressive mentorship develops in the future.

Olivia T. (Piercer) – Never disappointed!

Nicky P. (Piercer) – Thanks again Jesse for all you do to always teach me something new; Great job!

(Tattoo Artist) – I’ve taken similar courses and this one by far takes the cake. It was professional, fun, informative and most importantly I feel like I actually learned something today!

Merle R. (Tattoo Artist) – This was a great presentation; it was fun and inspired me to learn more! See you again next year!!!

Alex G. (Suspension Artist) – I loved the course and the knowledge I gained today!

Di L. (Piercer) – I found the course well geared to the industry and community. It was precise though simple enough to understand to someone fairly new to the terminology.  A great amount of knowledge in a short day that was easy to sit through. Will be back next year!

Sueean M. (Tattoo Apprentice) – The course had great information and a wonderful presentation. Jesse is very well spoken and light hearted.

Julie T. (Piercer) - This is the first time we’ve had instruction on actual processes here in Halifax! Thank you!

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health - This workshop provided a great opportunity for Public Health to discuss infection control practice requirements directly with tattoo and piercing artists, learn about new products and equipment being used in the industry and take away  practical skills such as tattoo/piercing set up and tear down procedures.  Diane D. Public Health Inspector

John B. (Niagara Public Health) - The course had great materials and was presented well; glad I attended!

Craig D. (Tattoo Apprentice) - I learned a ton more than I expected! 

Tiffany (Tattoo Artist) - I learn something new every time I take your course – Thanks!!

Heather M. (Tattoo Artist) - We learn new things every time! Your course was informative and we felt free to ask questions and share experiences. Keep it up Jesse!     

Hailey A. (Tattoo Artist) - Amazing, thank you for doing all of this!

Martin B. (Piercer) - Great course! Very informative; the subjects covered are perfect. Worth the price and worth the drive!

Bernie V. (Owner) - Very good course – learned a lot from you and will practice everything you have taught us; Thank you!

Nissa B. (Piercer) - Fantastic!  Feeling much more confident in my ability to prevent the spread of infection. Jesse filled in a lot of holes in my training. Thank you can’t wait to attend another class. Will keep in touch!

Drew N. (Piercer) - It was fantastic being here. Got reassurance on some things and have a lot to work on and change. Great to hear stories of your progression over the years – Thanks!

Pierre-Marie V. (Piercer) - As a piercer from France, it was one of the best conferences I have ever participated in. I’m really looking forward to sharing and discussing via email a few differences in processes we use back home.

Sarah A. (Piercer) - Awesome work, great presentation, a lot of time and love was put in it. It needs to be spread for the knowledge and to correct bad habits!

Lisa B. Laser Technician/Piercer - Very clear, precise and detailed for the time given, more detail would have been great with an extended time frame. Great instructor(s) and great class – Very informative!

Devin W. (Piercer/Tattoo Artist) - Thanks – Good stuff! I like that it is actually useful information and not a sales pitch.

Meghan R.  (Piercer) - Best BBP class ever – learned so much!!

Nola M. (Tattoo Artist) - Really happy with the class, it reached all of my expectations. Thanks a lot!  

Olivia T. (Piercer) - Jesse is a good friend of mine, and someone I have always looked up to since the time he instructed my first bloodborne pathogens class. Between those classes and going to visit his studio, I can’t begin to explain the amount of eye opening things he has shared with me. From sterilization and working clean, to human anatomy, technique, client interaction and more, I picked up a lot of useful knowledge and tools that has made me much more confident in my own procedures. As an instructor, there is certainly nobody more entertaining or connective. Jesse truly has a passion for what he does and it’s very hard not to be positively affected by it!

Chloe D. (Studio Staff) - Engaging and well put together.  Always a pleasure learning and speaking with Jesse!

Carlos D. (Piercer) - Very detailed, fun and enjoyabe!

Chuck B. (Tattoo Apprentice) - Jesse does a great job incorporating his real world experience to what can normally be a dry, but essential, subject in a way that makes the presentation really easy and satisfying! 

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