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Jesse Villemaire

Thrive Studios

Jesse Villemaire is an entertainer as he presents information in such a way that it is easily absorbed. His passion for teaching and for the body art community definitely shows in each presentation.  The Progressive Mentorship curriculum has been originally developed by Jesse Villemaire, a well respected piercer since 2001.  Jesse currently contributes to the body art community as a piercer, educator and a reputable business owner of Thrive Studios in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. Formerly instructing alongside Health Educators since 2010, he has taught hundreds of practitioners, including Health Inspectors throughout Canada and the U.S.  Jesse additionally attends the Association of Professional Piercers Conference since 2004 and has the honour of teaching at the yearly conference in Las Vegas. His current mission is to provide the most current, relevant information, specifically dedicated to the body art community, helping those to evolve as safer practitioners.


Efix Roy

Empire Body Piercing

Efix Roy is a professional body piercer and owner of Empire Body Piercing in Quebec, Canada.  Efix provides the best experiences to his clients while operating a reputable, upscale piercing studio in the heart of Quebec City.  He’s been attending the Association of Professional Piercers conference in Las Vegas for many years and has taught alongside Jesse Villemaire during the Studio Set Up and Sterilization classes. Efix has always been a great educational speaker and always willing to share information with others. When he’s not working hard within his own studio you can usually find him rock climbing somewhere around the world.