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Personal One on One Custom Workshop

This course is highly recommended for those who wish to take their skills to the next level.  You'll be required to visit a mentor of your choice for the full day within the mentors workplace.  This will allow you to absorb even more information, watching the previously learned workplace practices put into full effect.  Shadowing a mentor will prove to be a positive experience for both the mentor and the student.  Being able to ask as many questions as possible in a more intimate one on one experience has been proven to be the ultimate learning experience.  

Additional learning opportunities may be available in the form of a "workshop" experience.  Workshops are customized by you.  Let us know what information you're looking to expand on and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.  Some of the workshops that we have provided in the past has been:  Studio set up and walk throughs, working clean within your studio, customer service and sales techniques, learning surface piercings and microdermals, understanding quality body jewellery, sterilization start to finish and even freehand piercing techniques.  

Price - $600.00

(Save $100.00 if you have a valid certificate from one of our other courses)

*The mentor may approve or deny your request as per the discretion of the mentor.  This is not intended as an apprenticeship course.  Please contact Progressive Mentorship for further information. 

Testimonial From Alicia Lowe:
"After previously taking  BBP courses through Progressive Mentorship, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the Personal One on One Workshop with Jesse. Upon arriving at Thrive I was greeted warmly, and time was spent one on one getting to know eachother before clients arrived. This  really set the tone for an enjoyable and informative day. Not only did I learn a lot with Jesse, things such as  piercing techniques, placement, and sales, but I also learned a lot about myself while talking with him. I left both inspired, as well a eager to apply what I had learned.  I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is considering doing it. Thank you again, Jesse!"