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Sterilization Hands On Workshop From Start to Finish 

This is our most requested class and we're excited to provide you with the proper education in a studio setting with hands on training.  This 2-3 hour course will provide you the necessary information to properly execute sterilization from start to finish.  This class will focus on:

  • Autoclaves - Good vs. Bad
  • Sterilization Room Set up and Workflow
  • Transporting Dirty Tools Within Your Studio
  • Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Putting on and Removal
  • Discussion Between Processing Tattoo Tubes vs. Piercing Tools
  • Pre-Soaking, Scrubbing, Rinsing Dirty Tools
  • Proper Use of an Ultrasonic
  • Packaging Your Clean Tools 
  • Using Integrator Tags per Sterilization Load
  • Spore Testing 
  • Documenting your Sterilization Process
  • Storing your Sterile Tools 

In our travels we’ve seen a real need for this class amongst tattoo and piercing studios.  Many of us practitioners have been taught sterilization by watching over a co-workers shoulder.  Proper sterilization is a vital part of our workflow to help prevent the spread of infectious disease.  If done improperly you’re putting yourself and your clients at risk.  

To book a private seminar at one of the instructors studios, please contact Progressive Mentorship and we’ll discuss available dates.  These classes are often taught outside of our regular studio business hours allowing for an uninterrupted, private experience.  Small groups preferred between 1-4 people per session.  

Price - $600.00 (Request a visit HERE)