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Personal Walkthrough and Workshop at Your Own Workplace

This level of Progressive Mentorship is requesting a mentor to come visit your place of business and they’ll offer suggestions on how to make your workplace safer and will shadow YOU for the full day.  The objective of this level is to help you progress within your own work place.  Sometimes you need an outside set of eyes to view your studio and to allow feedback in order to move forward.  This visit requires an open mind to constructive criticism and will guarantee to leave you inspired to make positive changes.

Additional learning opportunities may be available in the form of a "workshop" experience within you own studio.  Just like the "one on one" workshops, they are customized by you.  Let us know what information you're looking to expand on and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.  Some of the workshops that we have provided in the past has been:  Studio set up and walk throughs, working clean within your studio, customer service and sales techniques, learning surface piercings and microdermals, understanding quality body jewellery, sterilization start to finish and even freehand piercing techniques.

Price - $1500.00 (Request a visit HERE

The mentor may approve or deny your request as per the discretion of the mentor.  This is not intended as an apprenticeship course.  Travel expenses and accommodations may be required.  Please contact Progressive Mentorship for further information.