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Ontario has just released the new Personal Service Settings regulations that will go into effect July 1st 2018.  If you’ve taken a Progressive Mentorship seminar in the past you’ll probably not be too surprised with what you read in the link below.  Many of us practitioners are forward thinking and welcome change that’ll better the body art community.  


One addition that I see was implemented is the required industry specific continued education.  Many of you have taken our Progressive Mentorship seminars in the past and I hope you agree that it’s been beneficial for the well being of your clients and yourself.  We’ve all known of practitioners and studios that would benefit from our educational classes and now they may be required to attend in order to keep up themselves and their clients safer. 


“13. Every operator of a personal service setting shall undertake any health and safety training related to personal service setting operation and maintenance, including training in relevant practices that can prevent or reduce the risk of disease transmission at the setting if required by a medical officer of health or public health inspector to do so.”


Click HERE to review the upcoming regulations.  





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