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The following information was just forwarded to us from Ontario Public Health. This will result in products containing gentian violet becoming more difficult to find from our suppliers. It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out with markers, stencil paper etc. 


For piercers looking for an alternative method on how to mark the skin, we’d suggest using the back of the needle and put a little pressure dot on the skin prior to piercing. It only takes a few seconds to leave an imprint and doesn’t cause any discomfort for the client. It might be a technique you’d like to get used to just in case you can’t find a substitute. 


For tattoo artists using transfer paper, most will also contain crystallized gentian violet. There is red transfer paper but all we can find from S8tattoo is that it is a “proprietary blend of inks and waxes” which basically means they don’t have to tell you what it’s made of.


As always with news releases and public education, we have to look at how the public will perceive this information. Even if the amounts of gentian and the way we are using it are low risk, if the words “gentian violet” become associated with “cancer” there will be people less than comfortable having those products used on them.


More info below...

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