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Join Association of Professional Piercers members Ryan Ouellette and Jesse Villemaire as they discuss detailed information and techniques related to piercing ear cartilage. We will discuss piercings including the daith (and its claims of migraine therapy), conch, rook, tragus, industrial and more. We will also discuss alternate placement piercings such as the faux-rook and faux-snug. Multiple styles will be explained and shown including freehand and tool techniques. Other topics discussed will include; proper jewelry selection, the importance of downsizing jewelry, aftercare / troubleshooting, anatomy and viability, and how to capitalize on new trends. Live demonstration will be used when possible.


Due to the advanced content of this class registration is at the discretion of the instructors. Apprentice piercers are welcome but it is suggested to attend with your mentor. This class is for professional piercers only, license or professional reference required to register. Attendees will receive a certification of attendance at the end of the class.


Boston Tattoo Convention

Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s Back Bay

Sunday April 10th, 1pm

Running time: 2 hours
Registration fee: $150 for new attendees. $125 for return attendees of

previous seminars, or current APP members.
To register email Ryan at:

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