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Progressive Mentorship has multiple levels of educational classes available.




It’s time for a change of how information is shared to us fellow practitioners and a refreshing new learning platform is finally here!  Learning doesn’t have to be intimidating, boring and painful; it can be creative and rewarding.  Established throughout 2014, Progressive Mentorship was fully developed and presented by leaders within the tattoo and piercing community.  We’re here to help others lead with confidence within the skilled arts of tattooing or body piercing.  With a lack of formal regulations and minimal education within the body art community, the development for an educational program was desperately in need.


Progressive Mentorship is a group of non sponsored, ego free individuals here to help all levels of practitioners share knowledge and continue to provide the safest working environment for you and your valued clients.  If you’ve been within the body art community for less than a year, or even more than twenty years, this course outline is for you!  It’s time to open up our minds and realize we all have something new to learn and to share with others.  #StayProgressive


Mar 29, 2017

Thank you London!: Progressive Mentorship was quite busy this past weekend! Jesse had a blast presenting an "Infection Prevention and Control" class in London, Ontario while Progressive Mentorship instructor Ryan Ouellette was teaching a hands on "septum piercing fundamentals" workshop in Boston!
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Mar 21, 2017

Thank you Kitchener: Another great day of teaching an infection Prevention and Control class in Kitchener at Borealis! It was a full class of tattoo artists, piercers, apprentices, studio owners and even Public Health Inspectors. Thank you all for the positive feedback!
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Jan 20, 2017

Upcoming classes in 2017: Registration is NOW OPEN for Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia! Be sure to check out the "Schedule" section for all the current information. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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