Post COVID-19 Body Art Pandemic Response Plan

Progressive Mentorship provides yearly Industry Specific Infection Prevention and Control seminars, including Bloodborne Pathogens training for the Tattoo & Piercing Body Art Community.



Learning doesn’t have to be intimidating. At Progressive Mentorship we aim to make education collaborative, rewarding and diverse. Whether you’re a tactical learner or a visual learner, we’re here to support you!

Progressive Mentorship is compiled of two ego-free individuals who have been leaders within the Body Art community since the early 2000’s. We’re excited to share our knowledge on tattooing and piercing best practices, and to help you lead with confidence within your skilled trade. 

When our collective was founded in 2014, we noticed there was a lack of formal regulations in our industry to maintain a safe working environment for studio staff and valued clients, and so we developed a comprehensive, educational program geared towards the Body Art community. We’ve hosted dozens of live seminars across Canada and we’ve now converted our seminars into an online format to ensure practitioners still have access to reliable information during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Whether you’ve been in the Body Art community for less than a year or for more than twenty years, these seminars were made for you! It’s time to open our minds and realize we all have something new to learn and to share with others. 

Instructors / Founders

Jesse Villemaire & Efix Roy

Progressive Mentorship was founded and developed by two respected body piercers in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Jesse Villemaire and Efix Roy, are committed to educating all practitioners on the most current, relevant information, specifically designed for the Body Art community. The Progressive Mentorship curriculum was developed to inspire artists to lead with confidence in their respective fields. Due to the lack of formal regulations and misguided information available online, the Progressive instructors have developed many comprehensive courses for those most in need to keep shop staff and their valued clients safe.


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Thora C.

The seminar is easy to follow along and Jesse has done a great job at explaining what and how diseases are spread and the best protocols to follow in order to prevent infection. The video and sound are excellent. I look forward to future training and seminars.

Steven E.

This was a great informative and organized seminar that should be taken by everybody in the industry.

Socrates M.

Really happy to be part of this class...learning lots of things about safety in tattooing is refreshing every seminar. Thank you!

Lucas W.

Very informative seminar, extremely affordable considering the information given.

Pamela L.

Great and relevant information - well spoken and concise. Super relevant to the body modification industry with actual good advice that can be applicable in studios.

Catherine D.

This is a great seminar and a must-have for anyone doing body art work. It's very informative and non-intimidating.

Lucas L.

Amazing course, great explanations. Definitely the best course of its kind!

Sammy G.

I’ve taken similar courses and this one by far takes the cake. It was professional, fun, informative and most importantly I feel like I actually learned something today!

Chuck D.

These instructors do a great job incorporating their real world experience to what can normally be a dry, but essential, subject in a way that makes the presentation really easy and satisfying!

Diane D. Public Health Inspector

This seminar provided a great opportunity for Public Health to learn infection control practices directly related to tattoo and piercing artists. We learned about new products and equipment being used in the industry and took away practical skills such as tattoo/piercing set up and tear down procedures.