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It’s time for a change of how information is shared to us fellow practitioners and a refreshing new learning platform is finally here!  Learning doesn’t have to be intimidating, boring and painful; it can be creative and rewarding.  Established throughout 2014, Progressive Mentorship was fully developed and presented by leaders within the tattoo and piercing community.  We’re here to help others lead with confidence within the skilled arts of tattooing or body piercing.  With a lack of formal regulations and minimal education within the body art community, the development for an educational program was desperately in need.

Progressive Mentorship is a group of non sponsored, ego free individuals here to help all levels of practitioners share knowledge and continue to provide the safest working environment for you and your valued clients.  If you’ve been within the body art community for less than a year, or even more than twenty years, this course outline is for you!  It’s time to open up our minds and realize we all have something new to learn and to share with others.  #StayProgressive

Jun 14, 2019

The following information was just forwarded to us from Ontario Public Health. This will result in products containing gentian violet becoming more difficult to find from our suppliers. It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out with markers, stencil paper etc. 


For piercers looking for an alternative method on how to mark the skin, we’d suggest using the back of the needle and put a little pressure dot on the skin prior to piercing. It only...

Nov 29, 2018

Public Health Ontario has released the latest Infection Prevention and Control guidelines for Public Service Settings.  This document is to compliment the PSS regulations released earlier in the year.  Follow the link below to download your own copy.  

Keep an eye open for Progressive Mentorship offering IPAC and BBP seminars in your area to keep you and your staff up to date with our ind...

Apr 27, 2018

Ontario has just released the new Personal Service Settings regulations that will go into effect July 1st 2018.  If you’ve taken a Progressive Mentorship seminar in the past you’ll probably not be too surprised with what you read in the link below.  Many of us practitioners are forward thinking and welcome change that’ll better the body art community.  


One addition that I see was implemented is the required industry specific continu...