Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Prevention and Control Seminar

This seminar is also available online

This is our most attended, yearly seminar covering a broad spectrum of information dedicated solely to the body modification community.  Our industry specific Infection Prevention and Control - Bloodborne Pathogens training is a 5-6 hour seminar available to anyone currently working within a tattoo or piercing studio or to anyone involved within the Body Art community. This includes tattoo artists, body piercers, apprentices, studio staff, sterilization technicians, suspension artists, side show performers and even Public Health inspectors.  If you’re looking to challenge yourself as a practitioner, whether you’re just starting out, or a veteran within the community, you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new each year and feel inspired to promote safety once the seminar is complete.

What’s unique about this course is that the information shared is what our community has asked for in the past. The content delivered will help you in many ways within your studios.  This is more of a gathering of useful information dealing with our day to day operations within our place of business.  Some of the topics include studio set up, workplace set up and clean up, cross contamination, disinfection and sterilization, dealing with clients, selling jewellery, promoting yourself, skin preparation, aftercare, troubleshooting, working safe within your workplace, PPE, hand washing, infection control and bloodborne pathogens.  Many personal stories are also shared along the way encouraging feedback within the classes.

Many of the topics covered within the seminar are gathered from years of research within the body art community and shared by numerous reputable practitioners and mentors.  This is not intended to be just another boring health and safety class.  Its intention is to provide guidance to those who want it, to those who want to share it, and to those who wish continue challenging themselves to grow as practitioners.  Information is meant to be shared and the mentors within this program are passionate about seeing progression within their community! 

A certificate of attendance will be handed out at the end of the class which you can proudly display within your studio, online and within your portfolio.  Public Health encourages and often requires yearly industry specific blood borne pathogens and infection control training in many provinces across Canada. This seminar has been well received by many practitioners in the past and often relate to a yearly attendance without being mandatory.  


Price - $160 to $200 per person (depending on class location across Canada)

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