Personal Walk Through Experience at Your Own Workplace

Progressive Mentorship is currently accepting requests for single or multi-day studio walk through experiences at your place of business. We’ll offer suggestions on how to make your workplace safer, and we’ll even shadow your staff for a full day if requested.

The objective of this experience is to help you progress within your own work place. Sometimes you need an outsiders perspective to view where your studio can improve in order to grow. This visit requires an open mind to constructive criticism. We guarantee you’ll leave us inspired to make positive changes! 

This is a full day experience, starting before work hours, if required. We’ll start with meeting the owner and/or management to understand the current vibe within the studio setting. We’ll ask the tough questions, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses. 

A short insight of what we’ll provide on site:

  • Studio work flow assessment
  • Review current environmental cleaning protocols
  • How to work clean within your studio
  • Teaching proper hand washing techniques
  • How to skin prep properly
  • Personal Protective Equipment in the workplace
  • Review all current staff setting up their work stations and cleaning up afterward
  • Advising proper disinfection and sterilization techniques
  • Observe each staff member working in their own environment
  • Discuss proper infection prevention and cross contamination concerns with each artist
  • Review paperwork, aftercare instructions, cleaning lists, waivers etc.
  • Provide insight on customer service and sales techniques
  • Review all online marketing platforms, website, social media etc. 
  • Review any matters brought to us by the studio owner, management and staff.

After our walkthrough, we’ll digest the shadowing experience and present you a list of areas that may need to be improved on, and better yet, offer some advice on how to take your studio, and staff, to the next level.

Progressive Mentorship has many years of experience as studio owners and have had the privilege of visiting numerous studios across North America. In this time, we have developed good practices and implemented them within our own studios. Our mission is to help all studios who wish to provide the best experiences for their clients and staff.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself as a studio owner, or manager, whether you’re just starting out, or a veteran within the community, you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new and feel inspired to promote safety once the studio walkthrough experience is complete.

Price - $1500.00 (Contact us to request a date)

The mentor may approve or deny your request as per the discretion of the mentor. Travel expenses and accommodations may be required.  Please contact Progressive Mentorship for further information.